Saturday, December 24, 2011

What a splendid get together!

Wednesday night, I had my long awaited Old Fashioned Christmas Party! My Kumquats, my little sisters and a few of their friends all came over and picked out some of our dresses.

{Dani Rogers, Marisa Oswald*, Me, Maddiey Beardall and Brenna Bergeson} 
{My Gorgeous Kumquats}

{Emily- Dani's sis, Hannah- my sis}

{Shelby- Brenna's sis, Haley- my sis, Annika Goodman}

We made the classic popcorn and cranberry on a string decoration with a needle and thread. It was so fun!

My personal favorite part of the entire party was making the old fashioned Christmas postcards. We printed out pictures of old postcards in black and white and on the back printed the writing side. We colored them in with colored pencils. We didn't have a picture, but, to make them look extra antique, my mom showed us how to rub tea bags on the postcards. It was very fun for me.

{Maddiey coloring her post card}
{Shelby rubbing her post card with a black tea bag}
The food was delicious! We had Turkish Delight, Broccoli Quiche, Lemon Bars, Orange Marmalade on freezer rolls:), incredible Wassail, Popcorn and other things. Haley gets all the credit for the food preparation. Except the Turkish Delight- it's in Narnia, how could I pass up an opportunity to make that? 

We dipped strings in hot wax then into cold water over and over again to make homemade candles. My were quite an odd shape because I struggled. But otherwise, everyone's were beautiful and old fashioned! 

We watched Little Women with Winona Ryder (who is my favorite) and Christian Bale (who is Gotham's favorite-- and everyone else). I absolutely LOVE that movie and it happened to be quite Christmasy.  

{I like this picture b\c it happens to have Teddy's face on it- We decided that we will waste our wishes on hoping that a boy like Teddy will move into the Hammer's house. I'll tell you if it ever happens:)}

*not as if anyone reads this, but I didn't know Marisa's new address so I couldn't link hers :)

If anyone reads this that wasn't actually at the party, I hope that you will try to have an old fashioned Christmas Party next year too. It was a lot of fun, at least for me. 

Love, your old fashioned (on-and-off Blogger), Brynnie


Derek and Amanda said...

I so wish I could have come and I'm so happy that you took lots of pictures! I'd love to have an old fashioned christmas party sometime. All of the activities were fabulous and so creative. And everyone looks beautiful. So happy your dreams finally came true of an old-fashioned party! We still need to have our garden party!

Madison said...

AHHH these pictures are quite lovely! And the party was beyond amazing!!! Hey look! We finally got a picture of ALL FIVE!! I hope you don't mind me stealing that picture....

Dani said...

my sister looks hawt in that picture