Monday, May 28, 2012

My Boyfriends

This is one of my boyfriends, Chayce Monsen:) He turns 4 today! 

This is Landon Monsen, another one of my favorite boyfriends! He loves to hang out with teenagers. Good thing, because we LOVE to hang out with him.

I never loved babysitting so much until I met the Monsen kids. We have the most "epic battles" and me and my friends all LOVE to battle with them.

In these pictures, Hyrum was playing with them on the tramp. Haha, notice Landon's flailing foot in the air:)

Peace!! {Landon was trying to show me how old Chayce was turning}

Chayce makes the best faces!

Yes, I took a picture while he was crying a few days before. He looked so cute; I just had to.
I would play with these boys over any one of my friends on the weekends! Sorry, guys. Landon and Chayce are like little teenagers. They'll even show up at my friends houses if we're doing chores at my house and can't play:) One time I was teasing Landon, telling him that monsters were real, and he told me, "No! Heavenly Father made no real monsters!!":) When my friends write me notes at school they write, "Dear Blynn" because Chayse can't say Brynn. I love it! It's too bad he's learning how to talk better:) I still need pictures of my best friend, Cambry- their little sister. But she's always the "nap-captain" when the boys come over to play (that's the name of whoever's taking a nap- I think that is so cute!). 

You should be jealous you don't have as cute of boyfriends as I do:)

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Dani said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute!

p.s. I love your playlist