Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"It's ficticious!"

I almost disciplined myself and actually attempted to finish my website for photography- the darn internet's too slow to download a thing anyways, Mr. Gibby. So, here I am. Attempting to write a post about something, but it's probably not going to work.

Let me just tell you that I'm having trouble talking to people with out the urge to spin in circles wildly, usually I want to make Marisa screams- those kind seem to fit the best- but, other times, goat noises seem to be acceptable as well. And, let me tell you that it's not easy to stay sitting there in class, mom. It's not easy. If you only knew how often my legs are jumpy and want to run outside; how tempted my skin is to be warmed by sun when I see that open door to the hallway, you'd give me some credit for being in class.
Sure, I'm a little bit tardy-ish. But, Chappy's cute. Some people just don't get how vital it is to talk to blonde, curly haired boys and if you're not feeling awkward for once that week, you have got to take advantage of it. You don't get it, mom, because you're all... out going and weird stuff like that.
You all know my mother. And, mom, I'm sorry if this summer Dani and I get drunk (mentally, mind you). We might sleep over in the church, yes, and Maddiey and I will most likely sneak off on walks for hours and hours and I'll paint things that dad doesn't want me to paint (like the fridge for example...or that table Hyrum traded someone for an egg- best game ever). Mommy, I'm sorry, but I will most likely get a Jedi Braid again and tie sea shells from Florida onto it and I'll most definitely end up having Dani dye a part of my hair white and another little part blue. I'll probably never take off my swim suit and count the 7 Peaks wave pool as a shower, sorry. Hannah and I will probably set up a tent on our lovely grass when you're not around to tell us no. Tyler and I will probably play sleeping bag wars on the trampoline again- actually, maybe not, you got really mad... (nah, we'll probably do it anyways). But I will take over Breton's room the day he leaves on his mission to Chihuahua Mexico and I will sneak out of Hyrum's window well if you try and ground me. Sorry, mom, but these things must be done. And no Tabasco Sauce can stop me! :)

I love you, mom. Because you'll expect all of that. I'm glad you know me. The best thing about me is that I never do the same wrong thing twice.   Unless it's really too much fun to pass up.


Kendra said...

I loved that! It made me laugh (hopefully your mom does too!). :)

Derek and Amanda said...

YES. Love it. Love you

Ammon Hallsted said...

I Love you! It's weird how I read yours and Amanda's blogs, and it makes me miss you!

Ammon Hallsted said...

I Love you! It's weird how I read yours and Amanda's blogs, and it makes me miss you!

Missy said...

Hahaha oh this is dandy :) And let me think, do my Marisa screams sounds something like... AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! ... ? :)