Friday, February 17, 2012

let me call you Sweetheart...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Dear Manda (and anyone else who would like to read my blog... but mostly Manda :), I have decided that this blog will mostly be for you! Now that I'm tired of teenage- poetic, same-old-same-old blogs, I'm going to put pictures on here so that you can see what is going on here in this crazy Cedar Hills of ours while you live in "The Big Apple". We miss you so much and I hope you can forgive me for being so mean while you stayed with us after your surgery. Love ya! ~BrynnieBamboo

I went to SweetHearts with, no, not all of these people, just with Cameron:) But all these kids were hiding in my house when he picked me up for the dance (in his giant 15 seater van). My mom had everyone come in after we took the picture below. Little did we know that she was just trying to give the 15 little girls, Breton and Hyrum more time to sneak into the back of Cameron's van. We got into the car and drove quite a ways before we realized there were so many more voices making kissing noises and laughing than the other two couples I could see in the back. And what the heck! There were hundreds of little 12 year old girls from the 8th ward joining us on our date! Emily Skousen yells, "Don't make out too much!" and Halie Olsen yells, "Kiss 'er good!" and brother Breton yells, "Pickle Surprise!!". It was so funny (but I think Cameron was a little annoyed b/c we were late already). But I was dying laughing. I love the Beehives in my ward! 

They decorated the 15 seater van for the date (this is when the 17 children were hiding in the back:).

So, there's this boy named Tayvin who hates me. So, I decided to pretend to be obsessed with him. My mom helped me make this shirt to embarrass him. He hid from me at school so I posted this picture on his facebook wall.

Valentines Breakfast
(at dinner time)

My mom decorates our kitchen for the day of love breakfast every year. I love our strawberry pink milk tradition and the love notes she writes us and sets at our plate! 

This is the picture Hurum put on his school Valentine's box :)


Ammon Hallsted said...

I'm not in a single valentine's day picture?!? I was sitting right next to you! I feel rejected on so many levels...

Pickle surprise! lol

Brynnie said...

Ammon, if you take me country dancing, I'll promise you'll be in loads of pictures! :)

Derek and Amanda said...

I love this so much! And I miss you all tons. Please do keep me updated cause i miss you guys!

Maddiey said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time at Sweethearts!
Man! You guys go all out for Valentines Day! I LAHVE IT!!!